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July 8, 2020

You were not at fault, your employer’s situation resulted in the lay-off. Get ahold of your emotions and focus on what you need to do next.

Special Needs Planning


July 2, 2020

Family members will need to plan and prepare for the various stages of life of a special needs individual.


June 10, 2020

Is this life similar to retirement? The recent Coronavirus shelter in place orders provided many with an unexpected look at what it may feel like to be retired.

Overcoming Financial Obstacles

May 28, 2020

By Marianne Martini Nolte, CFP®  Women can face many financial obstacles over their lifetimes; such as, pay disparity, longer average life expectancy, and staying home to raise children during what may be considered peak earning years.  These factors may lead to financial insecurity in retirement.    Earnings During their working years it is often recognized…



April 25, 2020

Establishing a budget, setting up an Emergency Fund, and eliminating debt are all important aspects of building an appropriate financial lifestyle. It can be hard work evaluating your true needs verses what you want, but financial independence can be a very rewarding feeling.

Marianne Martini Nolte, CFP®

April 14, 2020

The CFP® certification process, administered by CFP Board, identifies to the public that those individuals who have been authorized to use the CFP® certification marks in the U.S. have met rigorous professional standards and have agreed to adhere to the principles of integrity, objectivity, competence, fairness, confidentiality, professionalism and diligence when dealing with clients. The…


April 14, 2020

If you are faced with a lower income bracket due to the coronavirus pandemic, a Roth IRA conversion may be advantageous.  Additionally, a Roth IRA conversion may be a savvy strategy for you right now if you feel taxes will be higher down the road when you retire.   What is a Roth conversion?  …

IFS Audio 1 Medicare

IFS Audio 1 – Medicare

April 8, 2020

IFS Audio is intended to provide educational content pertaining to key financial concepts.


March 30, 2020

By Marianne Martini Nolte, CRPC®
March 27, 2020

The Local Pulse Amid Covid-19 Pandemic

March 27, 2020

In February, 2020, the Dow Jones Industrial Average flirted with investors by nearly breaking into an all time historic high of 30,000 points.  A lot has changed with the impact of Covid-19.  In just one month we have experience an overall market decline of nearly 30%.  Yesterday, March 24, as lawmakers began to show signs…

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