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Quoted in HerMoney

January 15, 2021

HerMoney – A Digital Media Company For Women. I’m excited to have recently been quoted in a recent article by HerMoney from Jean Chatzky.  Writer Casandra Andrews reached out to XYPN members with a media request and she chose to include my response in her article WHY YOU MAY BE PAYING TOO MUCH FOR YOUR…


January 12, 2021

In addition to providing you with a pay check, some employers choose to sweeten the relationship by providing stock in the company.

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December 29, 2020

The Consolidated Appropriations Act is now law.  Many Americans have closely followed updates about the Covid stimulus check status.  Initially, Congress passed a $600 stimulus.  President Trump pushed back and asked for $2000; however, at this time it does not look like the Senate will approve $2000 stimulus checks.  It is anticipated $600 checks will…

Back to work


December 29, 2020

Regardless if you have been out of work since Covid-19 furloughs began in March 2020 or you have taken leave of employment for several years while participating in childrearing, health issues, or other circumstances, check out these tips to enhance your workforce re-entry path.   Enhance your resume & social media profiles to help you…

Time to invest


December 15, 2020

Learn what kind of investor you are.  Understand your Risk Tolerance and Time Horizon.  Consider the taxable implications and benefits of your investments. You may surprised at how easy it is to invest, and the best time to start is now.   What kind of investor are you? First, understand your investor style by deciding…


December 8, 2020

What the heck does fiduciary mean, who is a fiduciary, and why should you consider it to be such a big deal? Some background History on the Fiduciary Rule Back in 2015, then president Barack Obama in an address at AARP stated, “I’m calling on the Department of Labor to update the rules and requirements…

Inheriting an IRA

November 24, 2020

When you are notified that you will be inheriting an IRA, it is important to understand how this can impact your finances and any taxable implications.  Regardless of the dollar amount, it is easy to recognize it as a gracious gift, but be careful to fully understand your options. The SECURE (Setting Every Community Up…

Financial Challenges Faced By Women

November 17, 2020

Financial challenges many women face include pay inequality, caretaking roles, the impact of divorce or the death of a spouse, and finally longevity.   Are you willing to work for .82 cents on the dollar? On your climb up the corporate ladder, did you realize you may be receiving only .82 cents on the dollar compared…

Marianne and Karen talk insurance

VIDEO: Marianne and Karen discuss key personal property insurance issues

November 5, 2020

Marianne Nolte, CFP® professional and CEO of Imagine Financial Services and Karen Estes, senior sales executive and insurance agent at Hatter, Williams & Purdy Insurance talk about the impact on your personal property insurance regarding CA wildfires and short-term rental properties. As these hot topics are addressed, Karen includes tips for making your property more…

The Gold Rules


November 3, 2020

In countries all over the world, gold has been considered a status symbol, investment, and even a currency for thousands of years.  In times of economic volatility, many investors take a closer look at gold to provide a feeling of “safe haven”. Gold was once used to back a country’s currency and this was referred…

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