Avoid These Money Pitfalls

Ladies, beware!  The following beliefs have the potential to get you into a lot of financial trouble.  I’ll get to it tomorrow and my man is my plan.

Don’t go Scarlett on me!

Only Scarlett O’Hara can sound cute uttering the phrase, “Oh, I can’t think about this now! I’ll go crazy if I do! I’ll think about it tomorrow” (Fleming, 1939).  To be successful over time, you have to own up to and face your financial life today.  Finances may not be the most exciting topic that comes to your mind, but don’t put off addressing your financial life.  Being a good steward of your money doesn’t require you to be ‘good with numbers’.  It doesn’t take a lot of math, there are plenty of free budgeting tools online and account aggregation options that provide you with a consolidated look at your accounts.  Take advantage of the tools offered to reduce the mental gymnastics of having to figure out your money by hand.  The longer you wait to face your financial needs and/or fears, the harder you will have to work at modifying and aligning your resources with your future dreams and goals. 

Ladies stand proud on your own

Putting on blinders and relying solely on your man for financial support can be a slippery slope.  Learn about your finances.  Without a doubt, during the years while raising children, you may need to take a break from working, and therefore; you are not financially contributing.  This is not a reason to avoid understanding the family finances.  Sure, it may sound great to not have to think about money issues.  I need or want to buy something and poof, with the swipe of a card, it’s mine.  However, this is not a realistic approach to good money management.  Don’t get caught up in the belief that money should not be your concern.  Additionally, women tend to outlive their male counterparts, and all too often, when the woman is left behind, she has not been made privy to the family finances.  This can cause extreme insecurity and fear.  Who can I turn to?  How do the finances work?  Do I have enough money to last through my lifetime?  What’s the name and number of the financial advisor my husband used to see?  It’s overwhelming.  Know your numbers.  Even if money matters aren’t your strong suit, at least have a basic understanding so you can make good decisions about your finances.  Join your man at annual or biannual reviews meetings.  Don’t be afraid to jump into the conversation with your family financial advisor.  Ask questions if you don’t understand the terminology or direction of the conversation. Inquire if your advisor provides a monthly newsletter?  Many do, and they often include some basic money tips to keep you enlightened and informed.   


Get started today.  Give yourself time to set goals and learn what it will take to achieve them.  Life is a growth opportunity not just for kids but for adults too.  Educate yourself about your financial options. Learn if you are on track as a couple and how you will support yourself if your man is no longer around. 

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