Financial Planning for Women

Tell me what's on your mind. Go ahead, ask me a lot of questions. This is a judgement-free zone.

Finances are a very personal matter, and for some people, it can be an uncomfortable topic, overwhelming, and downright exhausting. I get it!

I help women and young professionals navigate the complexities of their financial lives by accommodating and addressing their individual needs. I’m passionate about teaching and guiding my clients.

Building a strong foundation is key to aligning a person's finances with their dreams. My process is to first talk about your needs and goals. I'll gather information from you like income and expenses to produce a starting point budget. This is a judgment-free zone.  As I further analyze your overall financial health, I'll be able to recommend strategies intended to put you on track for success so your future course of action is in alignment with your true goals.

I offer a complimentary initial meeting so that we can be open from the outset and ensure we are a mutually compatible fit. To book an appointment, please visit my Calendly link:

Women struggle with pay inequality, accumulating and protecting assets before marriage, raising children either married or as a single parent while balancing a career, we are the chief financial officer of our family, caretakers for aging parents, we fight the ravages of illness within our family members or ourselves, we seek representation for equitable divorce, and learn to cope alone after divorce or death of a spouse.  It is important to get started today building your safe financial future.  Let the power of compounding interest work to your advantage.  Organize, simplify, and strive for your goals.

My own life story instilled in me the desire to work with women who seek a better financial life. When I was in my mid 20's through age 40, I found myself alone caring for aging parents, running around after my two bright and amazing kids, and running a successful business as my full-time career. It felt like systems overload.

During this period while the health of my parents was failing and until they passed, I was granted a special saving grace, which was my ability to help them organize and plan financially for their most important needs.

As an only child, I was my parent's only trusted resource. Together we hired an estate planning attorney to ensure all necessary documents were in place, we worked with their CPA to make positive strategy moves regarding their taxes, and we addressed their insurance needs so they were not at financial risk. Regularly, the three of us would hold "family board meetings" to review their financial assets. I developed, maintained, and updated records and reports and then presented these reports to my parents. This helped them understand their ongoing budgeting needs, their financial strengths, and to be aware of and mitigate against any weaknesses. This allowed them to feel safe. They knew I was working with their best interest at heart.

Just like when I worked with my parents; today, I don't want my clients to feel alone and overwhelmed. I want to be their financial partner. I want to help clients get on track with their goals and to build a foundation for financial wellbeing in their future. To enjoy financial independence and a sense of calm understanding about their financial lives. I feel very strongly about educating clients to make sure they feel confident about their money.

I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner. I run my firm Imagine Financial Services as a fee-only fiduciary, committed to building a solid relationship of trust.

As our relationship evolves, I hope you come to regard me as a valued resource, a professional who can help you make more informed decisions regarding your financial issues.

Effective financial planning...

...requires an open line of communication between advisor and client.  It is essential your advisor learns as much as they can about your financial goals, time horizon, values, and risk tolerance in order to develop a customized financial analysis for your financial objectives. Once this is established, it is equally important your advisor maintain an ongoing role as your accountability coach.

Financial Planning is the alignment of your use capital with what you say is important to you