Investment Management & Financial Planning Services

Financial Services

Imagine Financial Services (IFS) services are designed to take a holistic approach across all aspects of your financial life.  IFS  provides a clear process and guidance while helping to manage your resources so you can confidently pursue your goals.  



Service options include:

  • Investment Management

  • Financial Planning


Investment Management

Investment Management which is personalized allocation tailored to your risk tolerance towards the market. I love to see women and young people begin to save for their financial future. If a client wishes to contribute regularly (even as little as $75/mo), I don't charge a minimum to establish an account like an IRA or Roth. If someone wants to set up an account that is more static (they may or may not contribute to annually), my opening minimum is $500.  Investment Management services include custodian of Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, SIMPLE IRA, SEP, 457 and 401(k) accounts at TD Ameritrade.  

  • Investment selection based on your risk tolerance and time horizon
  • Asset allocation
  • Market analysis and associated portfolio trades and  rebalancing

Fees for Investment Management, based on Assets Under Management (AUM)

AUM $500 - $125,000                   Annual Fee 1.5%

AUM $125,001 - $250,000            Annual Fee 1.25%

AUM $250,001 - $500,000            Annual Fee 1.1%

AUM $500,001 - $1,000,000         Annual Fee 1%

$1,000,001+                                     Negotiable

Financial Planning

Financial Planning is the alignment of your financial assets with what you say is important to you.


Often I hear, "I make a good income, but I can't figure out where my money goes!"  Let me provide you with non-judgemental guidance and coaching...together we will budget and find out. 


IFS360 Financial Planning is a personalize approach that includes establishing a beginning Budget, Personal Balance Sheet, and Statement of Net Worth.  This allows you to get a high level view of where you are today.  Together we will then discover, determine and prioritize your goals for where you want to be in your financial life.  Once I understand your goals and concerns I will develop strategies to take you from where you are now to where you want to be in your future.  I will help you establish a money diary (more friendly wording than budget), manage debt, establish an emergency fund, and review other financial considerations like insurance and estate documentations which will keep you in good financial health.

Financial Planning incorporates analysis and recommendations regarding current investments, retirement goals, estate documents, risk management, and tax strategies. Do you have questions about retirement planning concepts, college funding, life insurance or long term care insurance?  Imagine Financial Services can help.

The Imagine Financial Services IFS360 Plan, is a one year commitment and collaborative financial planning process.  IFS360 Plan provides a holistic framework outlining your resources and how they can be efficiently and effectively utilized to help you achieve your goals in the near and distant future.  

The IFS360 Plan will become your documented visionary roadmap of what is important to you regarding your financial life, business/career, and Legacy.


Fees for Financial Planning:

INDIVIDUALS   $3000  Payable 30% ($900) upon initial signing & $190 per month (11 month commitment).

COUPLES           $4000  Payable 30% ($1200) upon initial signing & $255 per month (11 month commitment).

IFS360 process timeline
Based in San Diego, California. Available in person or virtually.

Marianne M. Nolte, CFP®

Imagine Financial Services is located in Fallbrook, California. Financial services can be performed virtually or in person.  We are not limited geographically.  Let me know what works best for you.  I believe in convenience for all parties.