Investment Management & Financial Planning Services

Financial Services and Fees

Imagine Financial Services (IFS) services are designed to take a holistic approach across all aspects of your financial life.  IFS  provides a clear process and guidance while helping you manage your resources so you can confidently pursue your goals.  

I help women and young professionals who want to take charge of their financial futures by digging deeper, being held accountable, and pursuing more joyful, healthier, gratifying lives with a financial plan of action. 

Financial Planning and Investment Management services offered:  

Financial Planning: KICK START Project Planning and MAKE-IT-HAPPEN ROADMAP Comprehensive Financial Planning.  

Investment Management: Assets under management, investing client assets with purposeful efficiency and cost-effectiveness.   

KICK START - Project Planning

KICK START - Who does this fit?

Perfect for someone who has target-specific questions/goals. Have any of the following thoughts ever crossed your mind:

  • Help, I can't figure out where my money seems to go?
  • Can I afford to purchase a new car/house?
  • When is the optimal age to begin taking Social Security?

KICK START - Project Planning Process
We begin with 1-2 meetings to engage, gather information, and define the focus goals. Then I go to work with the analysis and development of recommendations options. I provide a written qualitative & quantitative executive summary for implementation.

KICK START - Length of time? 
A 2-5 month engagement depending on the complexity and time constraints of your goal.

Fees range between $1,500-$3,000.  50% is to be paid upfront with the balance paid in equal proportions over the remaining defined term months.










MAKE-IT-HAPPEN ROADMAP - Financial Planning

MAKE-IT-HAPPEN ROADMAP - Who does this fit?
Comprehensive financial planning is perfect for someone seeking a professional guide, counselor, and accountability partner who will develop various recommendations addressing all domains of financial well-being.  The Make-it-Happen Roadmap includes short-term and long-term goals, tax, estate, debt management, insurance planning, and investments.

MAKE-IT-HAPPEN ROADMAP - Comprehensive Planning Process
We begin with 5-6 meetings to engage, gather information, define focus goals, and address gaps in your current strategy which are holding you back from financial progress. Next, I go to work with the analysis and development of multiple recommendations options. I provide a written qualitative & quantitative executive summary of your life profile, financial goals, and prioritized financial planning recommendations. Detailed breakdowns of key financial considerations are made available in an in-depth financial report. Together we implement the agreed-upon recommendations and hold additional check-in meetings to keep you on track.

MAKE-IT-HAPPEN ROADMAP - Length of time?
This is a 1-year engagement with optional ongoing support available.

Fee $5,000.  35% is to be paid upfront with the balance paid in equal proportions over the remaining 11 months.

Upon completion of the 1-year MAKE-IT-HAPPEN ROADMAP engagement, ongoing maintenance, and biannual updates are available with a subscription price of $175 per month.  As you gain confidence and focus on your ability to manage your financial well-being, you can opt-out of the ongoing subscription at any time.


Investment Management

Investment Management - Who does this fit?
Anyone who either wants to start investing or who has already accumulated investment assets. No account minimum is required.

Imagine Financial Services follows a passive investment philosophy investing client assets as efficiently as possible while aiming for the best risk-adjusted return.

Investment Management includes portfolio diversification, asset allocation, performance reporting, and rebalancing to keep investments aligned with client risk tolerance and time horizon.

Fees for Investment Management are based on account values also known as Assets Under Management (AUM)

AUM $500 - $125,000                   Annual Fee 1.5%

AUM $125,001 - $250,000            Annual Fee 1.25%

AUM $250,001 - $500,000            Annual Fee 1.1%

AUM $500,001 - $1,000,000         Annual Fee 1%

$1,000,001+                                     Negotiable


*AUM between $500,000-$850,000: Various KICK START projects included at no additional charge.

*AUM above $850,000: MAKE-IT-HAPPEN ROADMAP & ongoing support included at no additional charge.


Based in San Diego, California. Available in person or virtually.

Marianne M. Nolte, CFP®

Imagine Financial Services is located in Fallbrook, California. Financial services can be performed virtually or in person.  We are not limited geographically.  Let me know what works best for you.  I believe in convenience for all parties.