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financial advisor san diego
Financial Advisor

Marianne Martini Nolte

I work from my home office. I’m always happy to have clients come here or we can meet at your home or office.  I also have clients at various locations across the country. We hold meetings on the phone, through emails, and Zoom.  My hours are flexible and I’m big on convenience for all parties. 

Financial Services

My services are designed to take a holistic approach across all financial concerns in your life.  Financial planning incorporates current investments, retirement planning, estate preparation, risk management, and tax strategies.  I enjoy working closely with other professionals in your life. If I introduce you and help you connect with other professionals; such as, Estate Attorney’s, CPA’s, Mortgage officers, etc. they will charge you separately for any services provided. I do not receive commissions or compensation for their work.

When developing a financial plan for clients I follow a deliberate series of steps established by the CFP®  Board called the Practice Standards.

Implement recommendations
Present recommendations
Understand clients personal and financial circumstances
Develop recommendations
Identifying goals
Analyze current course of action and potential for alternative course
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